Jul 9, 2010

Oleee!! here comes the newcomer on blog XD

since it's my first-landed to blog then I should give HOLLA to everyone!! LOL
starting with a good friend of mine Jian Batari who's already launch her Kimamu blog and forcing me to get one then I decided to have one too. thanks to her right now I'm extremely exciting to designing the layout and stuff (also write the first post :p)

oyeah, and since it's been a long time me not using English then I wrote it within my 3rd language like what the hell?! hahaaaa...

talking about what I wanted to do ryte now, I'm sickly wanted to back on to a passions that I got since like I was a little muffin LOL. I've been like to dancing a traditional one, every kinda move and steps is like a magic for me *lebay. but it's really true that I'm enjoying that sense of artistic when I got "mingling" with the routine. I kinda looking to some 'out of box' routines lately, and a motion that blinking to my eyes called contemporary dance has stolen the attention.
I enjoyed watching at the dancer when they swap,move,run,jump,stoned, and twirl like a pro. I got stunned with it when they mingled to the music and playing with their mimics.... AMAZED ME!!!
unfortunately I've never join to the ballet class before so it might difficult me a bit.
well that's just for fun,tho LOL

oh yeah, I really missed some of my best mate in the high school because I've been really freakin' hectic with stuff so I kinda missed hang out and get some chit-chat or even go to movies or just laugh to some others,anyway I still got stranded for 2 weeks for finals and me didn't likey!!! Xp
instead, I'm still excited to watch for the 3rd place match world cup this year hahaa.. hoping deutchland still got up for the 3rd place 'cuz I've been going with the team since the first and got extremely disappointed when they got lost over a spain team. whatever it is I still like germany,wohoooo!! LMAO
so how's with you guys? hope u got just fine for the week yea...

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